“The Sponge Divers of Kalymnos”

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It is possible to fly directly to Kalymnos island but flights may get booked up quite quickly. Alternatively  one can fly to Kos island and cross over via speed boat (Kos Airport—Taxi to Mastichari (10 mins)-Speed boat to Kalymnos (25mins). Even though taxis are usually easy to find it is possible that you may have to call at the Taxi center.

Participants that own diving equipment in good working order are advised to bring it with them for use during the event. Diving equipment may be provided by the organizers to be used during the activities that require such. Valid SCUBA diving certificate or participation on a training program is required.

Kalymnos has plenty of hotels and rooms to let to host any possible number of participants at the event. Please contact us for more information.

Travelling Arrangements

Diving Equipment

Hotels in Kalymnos


Organized by :

The Divertraining      


Dedicated to the unknown diver...

Means of transportation has already been arranged for the sightseeing tours. Most of the other activities are conducted within walking distances. Participants interested to see the rest of the island can use Buses, Taxis or even rent cars or motorcycles locally.

Transportation on Kalymnos

Participation in the activities of the event Sponge Divers of Kalymnos have been Free Of Charge except for :


SCUBA Experience I (Non certified divers) : 45 Euros


SCUBA Experience II (Certified Divers) : 35 Euros


SCUBA Experience II (Certified Divers using their own full equipment including SCUBA cylinder) : 25 Euros


FREE Diving : 20 Euros


Boat Transfer for Non—Divers : 20 Euros


Above costs were payable to local diving center and included VAT, insurance, instructor escorting, boat transportation (not applied for shore dives), weightbelt and SCUBA cylinder. More diving equipment was  available upon request—Extra charges may have applied.


Divers that used their own full equipment had to make sure it was in good working order. Tank fills with air was provided if relevant arrangements were made with the organizers one day in advance (cylinder had to bare Visual Inspection Sticker and Valid Hydraulic Testing Mark).


Payments were made in full at the time of booking.


Boat and equipment capacity is standard, priority was maintained on participations. (Participation on diving activities was booked the day before the activity at the organizer’s office by filling a relevant form in person)

Participation and Costs

Please visit us at the Divertraining Network stand (EM1403) at the World Travel Market show at ExCel in November 8-11/2010

Contact at info@divertraining.org