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Please find below images and  comments from the event at The Mall Athens (July 15 - August 28, 2010) .

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“The Sponge Divers of Kalymnos”

The historical diving stand of thew “Sponge Divers of Kalymnos” where visitors can be also informed on SCUBA diving activities and centers in Greece .


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The decorators of The Mall Athens did a superb job in creating the main event window which attracts the attention of both adults and children.


The main exhibit is the functional hard hat diving equipment that has been offered for the duration of the event by the Municipality of the Kalymnians.


Rare real sponges and shells from the Kalymnian Museum of the Underwater Findings, Stavros Valsamidis are also exhibited


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The Greek National Tourism Organisation and the Municipality of The Kalymnians are supporting the events.


Great thanks to the sponsors OTE, Sanex, KORPI and Blue Star Ferries and the broadcast sponsors Athens 9.84 and City Press / Free Sunday/


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Rare natural sponge that has been kindly offered by the real sponge diver Stavros Valsamidis, usually exhibited at the Museum of the Underwater Findings in Kalymnos. 


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Free divers in natural size wearing real diving equipment dive to 30m from the roof of the Mall.


Congratulations to the decorators and technicians of The Mall Athens !!!


The diving equipment has been kindly offered by Spyros Kartelias.


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Hard hat USN/ĚĘV from the personal collection of E.Sotiriou.


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One more stand where visitors are informed on diving activities and diving centers.


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Superb underwater pictures decorate the corridors of the 1st floor of The Mall Athens.


On the foreground a work of Giorgos Rigoutsos, who will also be covering the event of September 10-12 in Kalymnos.


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