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Please find below images and  comments from the event “Kalymnos Diving Festival 2009” .

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“The Sponge Divers of Kalymnos”

The mare of the Kalymnians, Mr George Roussos welcoming the festival participants during the opening ceremony.


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Pic No 32

Fabio Ruberti, director of the Regina Margherita diving expedition describes the incredible free dives of the Dodecanesian (Symian) Stathis Hatzis who located the anchor of the ship at 84 meters using Skandalopetra techniques.


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Pic No 1

The premises of the “Public Commercial Diving School of Kalymnos” were used to host the festival office. The recompression chamber of the school used for training purposes can be seen decorated with rare sponges.


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Pic No 10

The boats that have been used at the daily diving activities of the festival.


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Pic No 21

Just before one of the sport dives in Kalymnian water, performed daily at the festival.


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Pic No 23



Sport diving at the crystal clear aegean sea during the festival.


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Pic No 8

Sport diving was offered free of charge for every festival participant under the condition each of them would apply in person for next day’s diving at the festival office.


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Pic No 9

The Kalymnian Sponge Diver Drosos Mamakas, having performed the action of donning the classic diving equipment numerous times in the past, was functioning inside it very efficiently. His diving experience was obvious even to the most ignorant observer.


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Pic No 13

“Tighten the screws carefully” was the instruction that Drosos gave to his tenders. TheHard Hat equipment is not exactly the simplest and easiest system that can be used in diving. Nevertheless it dominated the diving world for nearly two centuries, used widely in sponge diving and commercial diving applications.


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Pic No 15

Just before diving, Drosos Mamakas surrounded by Christos Agourides, Alexandros Sotiriou, Panagiotis Kotileas and Nikos Tzanoudakis.


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Pic No 14

The SCUBA diving instructor / Commercial Diver Thanassis Chronopoulos was the second one performing classical diving demo using the Hard Hat after Drossos Mamakas.


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Pic No 16

The heavy diver walking on the bottom of the sea while breathing natural air coming from a compressor located at the diving boat. Careful adjustment and operation of the venting valve (“Varvara”) positioned on the Hard Hat (“Periekfalaia”), the diver can gradually change his buoyancy from negative  to positive and ascend to the surface. The dry suit (“Forema”) connected to the hard hat plays the role of the Buoyancy Control Device in this case.


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Pic No 17

The traditional wooden boat (“Gyaladiki”) used in the past for “Skandalopetra” sponge diving support. One of the very few of it’s kind that are still there today.


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Pic No 19

The crew of the “Skandalopetra” sponge diving boat, “Gyalas” looking for sponges using the glass-bottom bucket, “Koupas” responsible for rowing and helping the diver and “Dytis” ready to dive.


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Pic No 5



A diver utilizing the “Skandalopetra” technique depicted during his descend.


Pic No 26

The diving has just began. “Skandalopetra” stone pulls the diver to deeper water and due to its flat shape it provides also steering capabilities.


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Pic No 7