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Please find below images and  comments from the event “The Sponge Divers of Kalymnos”

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“The Sponge Divers of Kalymnos”

The naked diver’s boat. The row-man (koupas) the glass-man (gialas) and the diver (ditis). The last is holding the flat stone called “Skandalopetra” (from the English word Skandal which is a metal weight in the end of a line used in the past for measuring depth), and the greek word “Petra” (meaning stone). Neofytos Pizanias is ready to demonstrate the diving technique


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Pic No 28

Neofytos Pizanias in flawless Skandalopetra diving technique. Neofytos’ grandfather was a very skilled naked diver and performed the same technique more than 50 years ago.


George Rigoutsos © 2010

Pic No 30

The participant  Maria Roditis is getting ready to dive for the first time using Scandalopetra. Captain Pavlos is holding the “glass”, observing the bottom of the sea.


Simone Dellatola © 2010

Pic No 31

Neofytos Pizanias is trying the “Michanikos” dance on the last night of the event.


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Pic No 32

The Town Hall of Kalymnos, built at the time  the island was occupied by the Italians.


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Pic No 34

The boat “Kalymnos Star“ used during the event to transfer the participants between Kalymnos (Pothia) and Kos (Mastihari). Transportation was kindly offered by ANEK.  


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Pic No 35

Official ceremony where members of the Greek Orthordox Society of N. Australia, Tina Bucuvalas and Alexandros Sotiriou were honored by the Kalymnian society.


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Pic No 36

The naked diver just left the surface to let the stone pull him quickly to the bottom.


Simone Dellatola © 2010

Pic No 29

The skilled Kalymnian dancer Antonis Kabourakis has kindly offered to demonstrate local dancing including the “Michanikos Dance”. Tina Bucuvalas is paying close attention to his remarks. Antonis is descending from a long family of sponge divers.


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Pic No 33

The event’s participants Giannis Mavropoulos, Evangelos Konstantakatos, Petros Zarkadoulas, Giorgos Sarris and his grandfather Sotiris together with Alexandros Sotiriou at Kalymnos Airport.


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Pic No 36